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 Welcome to the versionR homepage

This site originally came into existence to document my experiences of obtaining an FTO. I went down the personal import route via an agent in Japan and this site has proved to be a valuable resource for many people who have since done the same thing.

While this site focuses on the Mitsubishi FTO, a lot of the information found here will be useful to people wanting to import other Japanese cars.

This site has changed it's focus from getting an FTO to running an FTO. In the space of a year, there has been a proliferation of importers, dealers & garages now doing Japanese import cars.

It seem like the number of owners and resources available have increased dramatically since I got my FTO. The online FTO community in the UK seems to be getting bigger and bigger. If you're considering getting an FTO then don't hesitate, buy one and join in the fun of owning one of the best looking coupes ever produced!

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