- TRS 3 point harness fitting


This short pictorial shows how to fit a TRS Clubman 3 point harness with detachable tail. The harness was bought from ProRally for the special FTO Owners Club discount price of £41+VAT. Harness pads are extra - I bought some Momo ones for about £10.
*UPDATE* It looks like ProRally are no longer trading, the best bet is to go to one of the distributors listed on TRS's homepage
Fitting is a straightforward job and takes about 15 minutes or so. Tools required are : socket set with 17mm and 14mm sockets, and some needle nose pliers. All that's required is that the original seat belt mounting bolts are replaced with the supplied eyelet bolts. This involves removing the rear seat bench and the front seat. Once the bolts are in place, the harness clips onto the eyelets and you're ready to adjust the straps (cheesy grin optional).
Once fitted you can still use the original seatbelt as normal or you can use the harness if you plan on doing some 'spirited' driving. The benefits of the Clubman harness are that you can easily unclip the harness, the detachable tail gives you the additional benefit of quick, easy access to the rear seat.
The following pictures give you an idea of the steps involved. I'll add text to the pictures at a later date. Big thanks to Martin While for his help.

01-rearseat 02-eyelet 03-rearbelts 04-rearbelts
01-rearseat.jpg 02-eyelet.jpg 03-rearbelts.jpg 04-rearbelts.jpg
05-frontseat 06-frontseat 07-frontbelt 08-frontseat
05-frontseat.jpg 06-frontseat.jpg 07-frontbelt.jpg 08-frontseat.jpg
09-frontseat 10-frontseat 11-frontseat 12-frontseat
09-frontseat.jpg 10-frontseat.jpg 11-frontseat.jpg 12-frontseat.jpg
13-belts 14-pads 15-tail 16-incar
13-belts.jpg 14-pads.jpg 15-tail.jpg 16-incar.jpg